Friday, November 14, 2008

Stop the Killing of the Wolves

Nearly 1,000 endangered gray wolves could face slaughter under Bush Administration's new wolf-killing plan. This parting shot by the outgoing administration would leave wolves vulnerable to mass killing by the Northern Rockies states.

Click to send your Official Citizen Comment right now -- before the administration has a chance to pull the trigger on its scheme to strip wolves of their endangered species protection.


zobel said...

i like this proud animal...

Jackie said...

Glad at least that Palin out of the picture or you could see much more of this.

They are such magnificent animals hw anyone can murder them I shall never know. I must sign at least one petition a month for wolves being slaughtered somewhere in North America each month....sad, very sad.

I am also very upset over the millions of turkeys (who Ben Franklin felt should be the US bird not the eagle) who have been kept in the dark, had beaks and toes chopped off as chicks, abused by workers, and face a horror slow death in the bigger factory farms have been chosen as a way to celebrate Thanksgiving.


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