Thursday, November 13, 2008

Save the Ancient Forests of Oregon

Outgoing Presidents usually spend the last of their elected term pardoning people, preserving or giving away public lands, or pushing their agenda through Congress.

The Bush Administration wants to clear cut the ancient forests of western Oregon. More than a thousand miles of damaging logging roads would be built within the forests and then they would be taken out.

These forests gain more importance each day as buffers against the impacts of global warming. Say NO to clear cutting ancient forests. Click here to learn more and to take action on this issue.


xerafhica said...

I'm glad that there are still nature lovers like me. Personally, I love to be with the nature because I find tranquility from it. In fact, I want to join some programs for nature development like Tree-Planting activities.

Dragon Intuitive said...

I have passed the Lemonade Award to you for inspiring others to act. You can get the information on my Spirituality for Living blog. Have a great day!

CyberCelt said...

@xerafhica-Take action to protect TNIS forest. Do not put it off today.

@Dragon-Thanks! I appreciate your reading and commenting my blog.


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