Saturday, November 15, 2008

Take The Turkey out of Thanksgiving

Right Now, Your Thanksgiving Turkey . . .

. . . exists in dark, dank shed stuffed wall to wall with other turkeys. Step inside and the urine and ammonia fumes from their waste would burn your eyes and lungs. If you move closer, you would see where, in the interest of convenience, parts of their upper beaks and their toes were sliced off without anesthesia.

Still Ahead for Your Thanksgiving Turkey . . .

. . . at the slaughterhouse, turkeys are hung upside down dragged through an electrified stun tank to immobilize them. They are fully conscious when their throats are slit. If the knife does not kill them quick, the birds are boiled alive in the tank of scalding water used for feather removal.

If this is not your idea of humane treatment and if the turkey raising hygiene leaves a bad taste in your mouth, please try to Take the Turkey out of Thanksgiving.

Thanks to Jackie at The Vegan Diet for bringing this to my attention. If you would like to Take the Turkey out of Thanksgiving and need some ideas, Jackie's blog is a wealth of information about healthy vegan eating.

For More Information . . .

Download a PDF from PETA (right click the link and save as).
Visit this site about an investigation of a turkey farm in Minnesota.
If you have a strong stomach, view the video that went with the investigation.


Jackie said...

Thanks sooo much for posting this as many people are totally unaware of the facts.

tracy said...

If I was not in the unique position I am in I would not have a turkey on Thanksgiving. I married a man that has a farm and I started keeping free range chickens for the eggs. Next thing I knew I had a few turkeys too so I take care of the Holiday bird for my family. I know they are getting a bird that has roamed free and had not pumped with any hormones.

CyberCelt said...

@jackie-Thanks for the topic. I knew about the cattle feed lots and slaughter houses and the chicken farms. Never thought about the turkeys. We have a lot of turkeys running around in Texas.

@tracy-It is great you are in charge of what is put into your meat and sprayed on your veggies and fruits.


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