Monday, October 20, 2008

How Green is Your Printing?

Did you know you could go almost completely green with your printing for your business or organization? Would you like to make a statement to your customers or members that green printing is the way to go?

We all know about using recycled paper, printing on both sides of pages when working on drafts, putting the printer into draft mode to save ink, and printing multiple pages on one sheet of paper can save paper and ink.

Greening the Office

Did you know that the easiest way to go green in all your printing is to switch to using 100 percent recycled paper when appropriate. Recycled paper could be used in the office copier, office printer and fax machine. Now, you may not want your Annual Report printed on recycled paper; although, you might be surprised at some of the beautiful finishes and textures you can get with recycled papers. You might also get an "attaboy" for using recycled paper in this particular case.

Use Recycled Paper

PsPrint offers high-quality recycled papers that do not detract from the quality of the finished document. Take a look at the 100% recycled matte paper stocks for brochure printing, business cards, postcards and greeting cards.

Print with Soy Based Inks

PsPrin using Soy Based Inks that are environmentally friendlier than traditional petroleum based inks. Traditional inks emit volatile organic compounds, of which you are probably aware if you have been in a print shop. Soy Based Inks are manufactured with less pollution and from natural ingredients. Soy based inks have brighter, more vibrant colors and can even help printing presses last longer due to lack of harmful chemicals used in the printing process.

Recycle All Paper Waste

If you truly want to go totally green, make sure everyone in your office, school, organization and vendors recycle all of their paper waste. It is easy in the office. Place a shredder next to your office printer. Make sure there are recycle containers located in many places in the office. Hang a few recycling reminders around the recycle boxes and do not ever be scared to say a few well-thought-out words to people who may not know the benefits of recycling paper.

Go green. In all areas of your life.


Free Music said...

This is really green printing

sasidesign said...

thanks for this nice article
your blog content is very nice...
thanks for sharing

Jerry said...

I've never heard of soy based inks! I use a lot of ink, and I'd love to get some. Where can I buy some of those?

Jerry Loggins

boracay hotels said...

Is that for real? A soy based ink? Is it already available in the market?

Your post is really helpful and very meaningful especially to our environment.

Keep it up! :)

James A Woods said...

Thanks for spreading the word on recycled papers. I used to work in an office supply store where I found that a lot of people don't realize that decent quality recycled paper is available.

I've been intested in green printing for a while now, and I recently became involved with a green publishing system called YUDU. The company makes e-books as part of their commitment to a low carbon footprint.

Thuy LeDinh said...

I work for a printer manufacturer, and I think you're dead-on right. We recently sent out a press release about our 5 suggestions to go green too, and so I love to see others taking the same initiative. It's not hard to do, and I applaud you for spreading the word.

David said...

Yes, green printing is good for us !

Killer Bee Printing said...

A couple more tips you could include would be to print on both sides of the paper for printouts that aren't crucial.

Also, creating pdf's and electronic media to reduce physical printouts is a huge difference maker.

I run a printing company called Killer Bee Printing and we have found that we can reduce our waste by 90% or more by using the tips mentioned in your article and by recycling our paper, cardboard, metals, plastics, as well as selling, scrapping out or freecycling outdated equipment.

Brett Anderson

daniel hirsch said...

The use of the green printing can restrict the pollution and at least diminish the pollution.I have seen many post about Green Printing but I like this one most.Thanks for sharing


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