Sunday, October 19, 2008

Future Cars : Renault Z.E. Concept

The world has the technology and the creativity to build zero-emission, all-electric, solar-assisted transportation. Car Body Design features the photographs and specifications for some of the new concept cars. Please visit this site to see what design creativity flows from these incredibly gifted engineers.

Photo by CarBodyDesign - all rights reserved

The Z.E. (Zero Emission) Concept is the Renault's vision for an all-electric family vehicle focused on minimizing energy consumption while providing comfort.

Photo by CarBodyDesign - all rights reserved

Just a few highlights:
  • The Z.E. Concept is powered by a 70kW electric motor with torque of 226Nm and uses lithium-ion batteries.
  • By using heat-reflective paint and insulating large surface areas of the car body (like a thermos), temperature is regulated without traditional climate control systems.
  • Insulation is further optimized through the use of acid green-tinted glass for all windows.
  • Head lamps are LEDs, which are long lasting and very energy efficient.
  • The low-drag full-disc aluminum alloy wheels improve aerodynamics. Non-aerodynamic mirrors have been replaced by small solar-powered cameras.
This particular car comes with an electric scooter that stores in the trunk and stays charged using solar power. This car will be marketed in the states (Tennessee), beginning in 2011.


Anthony said...

That looks exactly like a spaceship cockpit in a 90s sci-fi flick.

It's a great concept, to be sure, but have you any idea of the price tag? Is it not just another eco-luxury whose take-up rate will be so small as to have minimal impact, or will it be priced at a point that will actually help change the world?

Sebastian said...

I dunno - I think that the antifreeze-tinted windows probably get annoying to look through after a while. At least that's not a color I'd choose as a sunglass lens... in any case, the technology is innovative, but does it have to be so ugly?

onhighbeam said...

nice set of pics, and i like the concept car... i hope cars in the future will be more improved and has more features in the coming years...


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