Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thoreau, You and I

A picture is worth a thousand words. Do you have a picture of an area in Texas that has been impacted by global warming? A spring that no longer puts forth water? Lakes that have water levels so low they are closed?

Do you love to write? Would you contribute an essay of 200-500 words about global warming as it has affected your life or the Texas environment? How did you cope with the weeks of 100+ degrees heat wave this summer?

The Union of Concerned Scientists expects Congress to vote on a number of bills to help reduce the pollution that causes global warming. Personal stories from you and others in Texas will have a positive influence on the outcome.

From the website:
From Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson in the nineteenth century to Rachel Carson and E.O. Wilson in the twentieth, writers have played a profound role in drawing attention to our natural environment and inspiring people to protect it. To continue this tradition and inspire action on global warming, the Union of Concerned Scientists has partnered with literary publisher Penguin Classics to encourage the public to submit essays and images about climate change for publication in a new online book, Thoreau’s Legacy: American Stories about Global Warming . . . The best submissions will be included in Thoreau’s Legacy, which will be published online in spring 2009 and in a limited-edition hardcover version.
Visit Thoreau's Legacy: American Stories about Global Warming for more information and entry information. Please think about participating if you live in Texas or did live in Texas and have a story to tell or a picture to share. There is no grand prize, payoff or scholarship tied to this endeavor. However, your work could be included in the Anthology. If not, it could be used next year to show YOUR representative what you have witnessed.

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