Friday, July 25, 2008

Nuclear power plants in Texas from the owners of Three Mile Island!

I am under the weather and will not be posting regularly for a day or so. I did want to bring this issue to the notice of all Texans who live on the coast around Victoria, Texas.

Exelon is filing a bid to build a two-reactor complex near Victoria, Texas. The existing nuclear plants in Texas are the South Texas Project Near Bay City southwest of Houston and the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant in Glen Rose, southwest of Fort Worth.

The permit will be filled by 9/1/08 and a decision will be made early in 2010. A public meeting on August 7 will be held in Victoria, hopefully so the process of public comments will be made clear.

As Dolly, the first hurricane of the season bears down on the Texas Coast and as the shorelines creep closer to the dunes with each melting of an ice shelf in Antarctica, I wonder about the efficacy of any power plant built on the coast.

Why invest money into this dangerous, dirty, polluting, ecologically devastating form of energy. Where is the nuclear waste, which NO ONE wants in their backyard, going to be stored?
Take action if you live in the Victoria area. Call your commissioners and council members. If you wish, come back here and let me know what's going on and I will get the word out.

If you would like some more information about nuclear power plants and the disposal of radioactive waste please visit Thnk Quest. You might want to read this post I wrote back in June of 2007 called Perry Goes Nuclear.

Stay vigilant, strong and ready for action for the environment.

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Karen Hadden said...

Attend the Public Meeting - and speak out!

Exelon proposes to build two nuclear plants in Victoria County in South Texas:
The proposed Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR) design has not been approved in the United States and is still under review, yet the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is allowing the sped up licensing to proceed. Exelon has had tritium leach into groundwater at a reactor in Illinois. This same company was among those videotaped with security guards sleeping on the job. Is this a safe and responsible company that you want running a nuclear plant in your area?
Speak out!
Issues raised at a previous public meeting are online here.

Aug. 7, 2008 Public Meeting
6:00 - 9:30 PM Victoria Community Center
2905 E. North St.
Victoria, Texas


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