Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Perry Goes Nuclear

I had my eyes examined today. While I was waiting, I was perusing a Texas Monthly (May 2007) that had an article about Rick Perry, Governor of Texas. I do not know what made me read this as I feel about Perry about how I feel about Bush, angry.

I am glad I read this article. Gov. Perry made one comment that made me sit up and take notice. He said that he was talking with Exelon and other companies about three nuclear power plants in Texas. Nuclear power plants in Texas from the owners of Three Mile Island! Oh, joy.

I guess Gov. Perry is upset because his fast-track coal plants bit the dust due to quick work on the part of several advocacy groups in Texas. Why he is courting disaster with nuclear power is another mystery.

Looks like the Legislature is helping bring more nuclear power to Texas.

Tax breaks become a tool for shaping Texas energy policy
Tax breaks are going nuclear in Texas. This session, the Legislature approved multiyear tax subsidies for nuclear plants, including the already announced $5.2 billion expansion of the South Texas Project near Bay City. If Gov. Rick Perry signs House Bill 2994 into law, a growing list of energy companies planning to build nuclear facilities — including TXU Corp., Exelon Corp. and NRG Energy Inc., which owns the South Texas Project — will become eligible for school tax breaks that could cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars a year.
Why are we giving tax breaks to nuclear power plants? Especially school tax breaks?

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