Monday, July 21, 2008

Wordle Makes Blogging Fun


sailor said...

This is cool. I am working on a WordPress template for a young friend of mine. This would make a great header on this site. Imagine how nice it would be if one could get a dynamic version of something like this that updates as the content changes. Thanks.

Bernhard said...

From time to time I look over this site with its well written contributions. I am pleased about the interesting contributions and would like to express my radix complement in addition! Greetings from Germany!

monza said...

very interesting article thanks for posting

mark said...


Thanks for the resource!!

CyberCelt said...

@sailor-Like a tag could, but with this layout. That is a great idea!

@bernhard-Radix complement to you, too!

@mark-I am amazed at how much creativity there is out there.

Hepsi 1 said...

very interesting article thanks for posting


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