Friday, January 11, 2008

TNC: Good News for Edward's Aquifer

Comal SpringsSprings flow from Edward's Aquifer

The springs of the Nueces, Frio, and Sabinal rivers are the focus of a new Western Rivers Project of The Nature Conservancy. These springs and rivers support a number of unique and rare aquatic species, including a genetically pure population of the Guadalupe bass.

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The conservation of these three rivers follow other Edwards Plateau projects on the Blanco and Pedernales rivers. Spring Lake Preserve opened in San Marcos last summer. This park was once known as Aquarena Springs, one of the first theme parks in Texas. This preserve protects the headwaters of the Sink Creek, the San Marcos River and the Edward's Aquifer.

The Nature Conservancy has released the report, Texas Year in Review 2007. This is a PDF, so you should right-click on the link above and save link as... to save to your computer. If you have FireFox, you may open the PDF in your browser.

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