Friday, January 11, 2008

2007 Top 10 Environmental Searches

I see everyone doing a retrospective of 2007. When I saw the top 10 environmental searches for 2007 (Yahoo!), I thought I might determine if I had covered a full range of environmental topics.

Below is the Yahoo! list and then a link to all related posts on this topic on Endangered Spaces blog.

1. Recycling - related posts on Endangered Spaces blog in the past year

2. Global Warming - related posts on this blog

3. Freecycle - *see below

4. Earth - all posts on Endangered Spaces blog are related to the Earth

5. Pollution - related posts

6. Al Gore - related posts

7. Environmental Protection Agency - related posts

8. Live Earth - related posts

9. Hybrid Cars - related post

10. Solar Energy - related posts

Note: I will find information about the topic freecycle and write a post on this topic within the week.

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