Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Freecycle Network

The Freecycle motto is “changing the world one gift at a time.” The Freecycle nonprofit gifting movement enables people to gift items in their local communities rather than throw them away. This keeps over 400 tons out of landfills daily.

The Freecycle network began with a single email on May 1, 2003 in the city of Tucson, Arizona. Since inception, a total of 200 million pounds of usable materials have been recycled rather than added to landfills. According to the website, the amount of items gifted in the past year is the equivalent of four times the height of Mt. Everest.

TheFreecycle network has grown to over 4,000,000 members in 4,000 cities located in 75 countries worldwide.

Click here to find the Freecycle Yahoo! group near you.

If you have useful items that you do not need, you simply send a message to the Yahoo! group. When another member has use for your item, you gift it to them. If you need something, you may send a message to your Freecycle Yahoo! group. Hopefully, you will be gifted what you need.


Will said...

You can also find your local group with the Freecycle Group Finder.

Anonymous said...

I have used freecyle to give things away and even picked up a few things (rabbit cages, a tent, and canning jars).

CyberCelt said...

@will-Thanks for sharing.

@laura-I have met some neat people, too.


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