Friday, January 11, 2008

Save Money with Replacement Inkjet Cartridges

Anyone who has a color printer knows how expensive replacing the ink cartridges can be. Last time I purchased inkjet cartridges for my Epson Stylus printer, it cost me almost $100! However, if you shop online for replacement inkjet cartridges, you may find a great deal.

I stumbled across a new website called, a discount/coupon/code site loaded with information about saving ink, troubleshooting your printer and purchasing remanufactured cartridges. To find the inkjet cartridges for my Epson printer, I just clicked on the link for my printer, then I was taken to a page of information about Epson printers.

On this page I was given a choice of buying factory replacements or exploring deals on compatible replacement ink cartridges for Epson printers. I selected Carrot Ink as my vendor and clicked through to a page that told me about Carrot Ink and provided access links for three different coupons for Carrot Ink: $10 off with $40 purchase, free shipping with $25 purchase, and save up to 70% on ink cartridges and printer supplies. Clicking any of these links took me to appropriate landing page and it was very simple to complete the transaction.

Now, what to do with the used inkjet printer cartridges? I was at PetSmart just the other day and picked up free mailing envelopes to send in empty cartridges to a company that donates part of the proceeds to animal charities. Save money, recycle and benefit animals. Sweet!

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