Thursday, October 25, 2007

Winner: Solar Decathlon Team Deutschland

Technische Universität Darmstadt Solar Decathlon Team Logo

TU Darmstadt’s design for Solar Decathlon 2007 is based on three basic principles, creating a pure and calm architectural appearance.

  1. The first is the principle of layers. The floor plan is divided in concentric zones, arranged around a central core like skins of an onion. These layers divide different energetic zones and allow differentiated use of the building depending on daytime and season.

  2. The second principle lies in the construction of a floor platform for furniture and technology. Built as a raised floor, it contains all invisible building technologies and provides connections of all systems, like a plug-and-play system.

  3. Third, the house shall provide ample room on a small footprint and therefore is organized in zones rather than in several rooms. This idea is directly connected with the platform, which can comprise all furniture.
  • The team focuses on providing high living and thermal comfort using passive systems, such as a highly insulated building envelope, natural shading and innovative materials, such as phase-changing materials for thermal mass.

  • This concept is complemented by building-integrated, highly-efficient active systems, such as a combined reversible heat-pump, and different kinds of building-integrated photovoltaics — highly-efficient monocrystalline cells on the roof, translucent, glass-embedded cells as shading and weather shield over the porch and amorphous silicon modules, which are integrated into the facade louver doors.

Visit the Solar Decathlon site and see the Made In Germany winner.


perros said...

That is a very nice design the winner has... it is great that the energy companies are supporting moving away from oil toward a less politically unstable substance.

CyberCelt said...

@perros-When you look closely at all the teams, they are clear winners. I really enjoyed looking at all the innovation.


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