Sunday, June 03, 2012

Extinction is Forever: Sumatran tiger

 Extinction is Forever: Sumatran tigers

Only 400 Sumatran tigers are left in the world.  80 years ago, there were three unique subspecies of tigers found in Indonesia. Today, two of them are extinct — and now the last  species is in serious trouble.

The Sumatran tiger is classified as “critically endangered” — on the brink of extinction and barely hanging on.  93 percent of their habitat has been destroyed  by Asia Pulp and Paper (APP). Tigers are left to roam landscapes where they are easily slaughtered by poachers for their body parts or shot by the people moving in.

Without your help, these 400 tigers will disappear forever. APP will continue lining its pockets with profits, poachers will continue shooting these tigers and reselling their body parts in places like China, and these last Sumatran tigers will just be collateral damage.

With the financial help of supporters like you, major companies like Nestle, Kraft and Mattel have been convinced to stop buying products linked to rainforest destruction.

Over the past few weeks we’ve turned up the pressure on KFC to end their relationship with APP and to stop using rainforest fiber in its throw-away paper products. We’ve hit them in the press, at their corporate headquarters, on the web, over the phone lines and at stores around the world. We have plans to do even more — but we need your support to keep this work going and save the Sumatran tiger.

Please give a gift today to help give these last Sumatran tigers a future — before it's too late.

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