Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stop Hard Rock Mines from Poisoning Alaska's Grizzlies

Right now, grizzly bears in Bristol Bay, Alaska, are at risk from the proposed Pebble gold and copper mine--which threatens to poison the rivers and streams on which they depend.

With a simple rule change, the Environmental Protection Agency can close two loopholes to prevent this mining company--and many others--from using the waters on which wildlife depend as waste dumps.

Protect Alaska's grizzlies from toxic mining by sending a message to the EPA today. 

Is this the same Pebble mine that . . . ???

Endangered Spaces blog: Stop Open Pit Mine in Alaska
Oct 22, 2010
The following message, urging Americans to tell mining giant Anglo American to abandon its plans for digging the disastrous Pebble Mine in Alaska's wildlife Eden of Bristol Bay, was sent by ...

Apr 04, 2011
I thought you might want to see the following message from Robert Redford, urging people to send a message to mining giant Rio Tinto in opposition to its disastrous Pebble Mine. Dear Friend, You should care about Rio Tinto ...

May 04, 2011
Planned Pebble Mine Operation. Water would constantly have to be drained away from the mine to prevent copper and acid mine pollutants from seeping into the watershed that drains into streams where salmon, by the ...

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