Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Toxic Algae Turning Florida Rivers Green

Think of Florida and what comes to mind? White sand, blue water and temperate climate. However, many of the crystal blue waters of rivers, springs and Gulf that make Florida such a tourist attraction are becoming green and choked with toxic algae.

Microcystis bloom on Goodby's Creek, Jacksonville, FL.

Pollution--caused by inadequately treated nitrogen and phosphorus in sewage, manure and fertilizer-- is the cause of this change to the waterways.  This type of pollution is preventable.

Do not drink, swim, fish or even breathe around this algae.

The algae, which kills fish, makes the water bright green and smell like raw sewage is highly toxic. Health authorities say you should not touch, drink it or swim in it. The algae in the water can give you rashes, respiratory problems, and even kill you.


DaisyDeadhead said...

I tweeted this, and finally remembered to link you! Better late than never! :D

burn the fat build the muscle said...

Polution every where no matter if you in third world countries or not. But the things is polution is came from the factory that gives people job, make something we use everydays or what we eat. Maybe we all can sit together and discussed this issue and make win-win solution for everybody, even though i have doubt on that, but we have to try right?before the earth become dangerous place to lived.

Elfer said...

Thats how it's gonna be if people don't care about health and i hope we can learn from this situation in case something like this happening again in the future.

joe brown said...

What a great post! I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us. I have bookmarked this site and will be sure to check for updates. Keep up the good work!

ConnectAmerica said...

Very Interesting video & post. You really have done an impressive job your blog-
Thanks for sharing this important awareness- Our environment is in trouble if we don't do some fast.

Jermarmonuments said...

I like your post and truly speaking it was awesome. Anyways keep it up and keep continue with your valuable thoughts.Thanks for sharing this. ♥

Joseph said...

This is the result of destroying our nature of unconcerned individual..we hope this is a reminder to everyone that it's not too late to take care our nature.

Medical Alert said...

This is an awful situation in Florida for sure. Very informative and well written blog. Thank you very much for sharing.

Nualgi said...

Diatom Algae can be used to keep lakes and rivers clean.

Farmers use fertilizer to grow useful crops and not weeds.

Diatoms are like grass and useful crops and cyanobacteria and dinoflagellates are like weeds.

Diatoms can be grown in the waterways to keep out other algae.


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