Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Win Prizes in Scuba Scavenger Hunt

The Dive Against Debris is an excellent way to help a conservation organization (Project AWARE) while cleaning up your favorite dive spots. And, you can win some really nice prizes, like scuba gear or digital underwater camera,

The marine debris you collect will be entered into a database that will be used to inform, persuade and empower policy makers to establish integrated solid waste management practices. Practices where we reduce, reuse, and recycle our way to an ocean free of marine debris!

Your entries in the Dive Against Debris database will count towards your Scavenger Hunt total.
  • The winner, the diver logging the most marine debris by August 1, 2011 wins the ultimate Scubapro Diver Duffle Bag packed with fins, mask, snorkel, boots and gloves from Scubapro's new SUB GEAR range valued at $420 plus Project AWARE goodie bag.
  • Second place scavenger will win the latest IC14 Intova Digital Camera with Waterproof housing plus Project AWARE goodie bag.

  • Third place scavenger hunters will receive a Project AWARE goodie bag including a mask strap, BCD clip, polo shirt and more.
So scuba and enjoy the waters while picking up debris that will both improve the marine environment and could win you new scuba gear from Scubapro!


Theo said...

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