Thursday, July 14, 2011

September 14 : Reality Check Around the World

The glaciers are melting, the sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic is disappearing, temperatures are soaring this summer, torrential rains drowned major cities in half of the USA this spring, while wildfires burned huge swaths of land, homes, forest in the southwest.

Of course, with the "science" of Big Oil, Gas and Coal, no one believes what they are seeing. It must be a vast liberal plot to undermine national security or some such drivel. I do not care if you do not like Al Gore--just listen to what he says, view the photographs and check the data. This is real science--reality. Get yours on September 14.

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G. RAy said...

You hit the nail on the head. We may not like Al Gore (I happen to like him) and the SM has shown that some of his actions do not follow his words, but the big picture is we are in an environmental crisis, the likes of which, we may not recover from. Up to 137 species are dying on a daily basis, 1000 times faster than the natural rate of extinction. Polar bears are dying, tuna, blue marlin, whales, salmon and crab are at extreme risk, and the Gray Wolf is being considered for delisting. This in itself is beyond comprehension.

The Gray Wolf is a keystone species and yet, I don't know that the majority of us realize the importance of a keystone species and WHY it is so important to protect them.

I am of the baby boomer generation and am ashamed at what my generation's technology and ignorance has created. We should have been the generation that thought ahead about what we were doing to this planet and the beings which inhabit it. But we used up our planet's resources and never thought about the concepts of reuse, recycling and reducing until we had literally strip mined, deforested, fracked, and drilled the Earth to death.

I recently read about a six part series done in 2009 called Extinction Sucks. This is a great catch phrase. We need the phrase to go viral, we need the bloggers and influencers to create a campaign that will catch the attention of the world. I wish I was an influential influencer but I'm not - I'm just someone who cares. I wish Richard Branson or Donald Trump or Oprah would talk about this topic. Will I AM - will you come up with a winner phrase like "Yes We Can" about the environment and its species? It helped a young Senator become President of the United States.

G. Ray!/pages/Endangered-Species/145498178860636


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