Saturday, February 05, 2011

Gasland : Water, Air and Ground Pollution

I watched Gasland on HBO today. You have a chance to see it on HBO. If not, you can buy the video on the Gasland Movie website. I am sure libraries will be stocking at well. It is an educational documentary, so your children may see it at school.

The Gaslandmovie website is good place to learn more about gas well fracturing and the problems it is causing to wells in the drilling area. Take action if you think all Americans deserve clean drinking water and clean air to breathe.

There are people who have brain lesions, difficulty breathing, pancreatic cancer, persistent GI upsets and permanent brain damage from drinking water and breathing the air outside their home. God knows what legacy their children will inherit. I think we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. The chemicals in the fracking fluid are hazardous and volatile and they are leaching into the groundwater and wells.

The gas industry has already put up a website to refute allegations made in Gasland. If you want more lies with your morning coffee, visit The Truth About Gasland website.

Put up a solar plant or windmill farm. Oil, gas and coal will soon be a thing of the past. Clean, truly clean, energy is what we need. We must stop poisoning ourselves and our children.

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