Friday, December 17, 2010

Toxic Toys R Us

Independent product testing has confirmed that Toys "R” Us is continuing to sell toys made with PVC. Chemicals released as PVC decomposes are linked to chronic diseases in children, impaired child development and birth defects, cancer, disruption of the endocrine system, reproductive impairment and immune system suppression.

This year, do not give deadly toys for Christmas.
The poison PVC is most often shown by the Recycle Number 3.
Beware of any plastic that is not marked.

There is no safe way to manufacture, use or dispose of PVC products. As the largest specialized toy retailer in America, with more than 800 stores nationwide, Toys “R" Us has the economic power to eliminate toxics from the toy supply chain entirely. They have not done it, although they pledged to remove all PVC from toys.

Any parent or relative of a small child should download the free PDF: Pass Up the Poison Plastic - the PVC-Free Guide for Your Family & Home from the Center for Health, Environment and Justice.


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