Sunday, November 28, 2010

Do Care What Is In Your Food?

Please take action to stop the FAKE food safety bill, S. 510. As written, this bill will put large corporate farms and their lobbyists in charge of every aspect of our food production.

This is another power play to use the real problem--dangerous organisms in our food supply-- and to do absolutely the wrong thing about it.
We need to keep onerous new bureaucratic regulation from driving out of business the small operations that are the bed rock of our real food supply safety. And most of all we don't need another food czar who is just a corporate crony to wave through a massive invasion of genetically modified crops and animals and call it food safety modernization.
This food safety issue is something we must keep an eye on. Big Farms reminds me too much of Big Oil and Gas. We know where that led . .

Take action today.


Manisha said...

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Jeanne said...

Food safety issue is something we must keep an eye on and is something which can or is easily ignored.

foodrecipe said...

Food safety is a common issue around the world. Thanks for your useful advice.


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