Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Dirtiest Energy Project on Earth!

Canada is home to one of the largest environmental disasters in the world, the oil sands: a toxic mining operation that is destroying the largest remaining intact ecosystem in a deadly pursuit of oil.

Currently, the oil industry is trying to get a presidential permit to transport this oil into the United States through a new pipeline.

We must stop this dirty oil pipeline. If this pipeline is built, the American market will be opened up to this dirty oil increasing Big Oil's profits and furthering polluting our world.

The Obama administration has the power to deny the permit needed for this dirty oil pipeline.

Tell President Obama that it's time to put an end to U.S. involvement in Canada's oil sands project, the dirtiest energy project on earth.

Want more information?  Digging up Canada for Tar Sands  or Dirtiest Drilling Project on Earth


Arya said...

wow, i really hate people who crush the earth just only for money. i hope our earth be better.

Manhattan said...

I'm from the US and our countries resistance to trying alternative energies is embarrassing. I wish our people would admit that our dedication to using oil isn't a good thing.

cathi said...

Thanks very much for all this very important information, I wish more success to this very interesting blog

talia said...

I hope one day we will find a better alternative to oil.

Rick @ Resell Rights Ebook Store said...

I live in Cape Breton,Nova Scotia, Canada. We have another area called the Tar Ponds which contains the old coke ash from years of steal making.

During the days they were making steal here they used natural ponds to pump water to the plant and to dump the wasted materials into. Small rivers were attached to these ponds that ultimately led to the Sydney Harbor.

When an environmental survey was completed it was determined there were "hot spots" as far away as 15 miles where sediment from the coke ovens smoke stacks and under ground rivers had settled. In one community known as the Pier it was so bad that when they drilled for testing samples the waste material bubbled to the surface resulting in a whole neighborhood being condemned.

Some have speculated this is the cause of the high cancer rates here. Apparently we have the highest cancer rates in all of Canada.

Today they are in the first year of the clean up process after years of wasting money on research to determine the best way to resolve the issue.

Their resolution is to encase it all in concrete and eventually rebuild on the extensive area affected.

But from my research concrete is porous. Eventually it is going to leech threw. Another prime example of how the government likes to cover up the messes they created in the first place.

The medical community is now performing a study by collecting volunteers toe nail clippings to aid in researching the high cancer rates in our area. But we can not expect to have any real results for 20-30 years according to a recent newspaper article.

Do you feel proud to be a Canadian?

Simon Novak said...

I'm from Slovenia and we just had a big cleaning action which take place all over our country. It was a big success.


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