Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dirtiest Drilling Project on Earth

Help Stop the U.S. from Importing Oil from the Dirtiest Drilling Project on Earth from Canada . . . !

The Canadian tar sands, a massive oil drilling operation in northern Canada, is such a polluting and dirty project, that if it were to be fully exploited, all other efforts to reduce carbon emissions worldwide would be nullified.

The Obama Administration is currently considering issuing a Presidential Permit to build a pipeline to import up to 900,000 of barrels of tar sands crude oil into our country – an amount that even oil executives say is excessive.

Click here to let the Obama administration know you want to make the United States a global leader on clean energy, not lock us into Big Oil's "dirtiest project on earth."

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has the power to protect our national interest from more dirty tar sands oil pumped in on pipelines from Canada. She and other members of the Obama Administration can help secure a clean energy future that will create jobs for Americans and reduce the effects of climate change.

It is up to us to stop this dirty oil from coming into our country. Contact the Obama Administration today.

No More Drilling
No More Pipelines
No More Fracking
No More Dirty Oil & Gas
No More Greenwashing


Jason said...

I agree. No more drilling. Simple as that.

Manhattan said...

Well, I don't have a car... so... I'm a hero!

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