Saturday, December 05, 2009

Tell EPA : Make Mega-Polluters Clean Up

Did you know that only a handful of factories and power plants emit over half of all U.S. global warming pollution? Under a proposed rule by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these mega-polluters would be forced to clean up their act.

But the EPA must solicit public comments before it can take action. Will you send the EPA a message today encouraging them to hold big polluters accountable?

Click here to send a message to the EPA.

This proposed rule marks one of the EPA's most important commitments to moving us towards a clean energy economy and away from dirty, non-renewable energy sources. It would require the biggest polluters – like new coal plants – to install technology to clean up pollution they emit that causes global warming. It would also require existing polluters to utilize this technology when they expand or modify their plants.

Cracking down on big polluters benefits both the planet and its inhabitants since it would reduce global warming pollution as well as other kinds of pollution that cause smog and lung disease. It will also help to create good paying clean energy jobs, which will help the economy.

Click here to send a message to the EPA.


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