Friday, October 30, 2009

Polar Bears : The New Buffalo?

The polar bear is representative of the 25,000+ mammals living in the Arctic that are or will suffer the ravages of global warming. Over the past 30 years, the Arctic ice cap has shrunk by one million square miles, an area six times the size of California. Scientists are finding increasing evidence of polar bear drownings, cannibalism, starvation and cub deaths.

polar bear trapped on knob of floating ice

Global warming is not opinion, fable, myth, lie or left-wing conspiracy. It is an incontrovertible scientific fact. If you do not believe this is true, please visit:

If you care about polar bears, join the almost 1.3 million supporters of the Stop Global Warming Virtual March. Become part of the movement and demand that our leaders freeze and reduce carbon dioxide emissions now.

polar bears on ice floe

Click this link to add your voice to more than a million other humans. We can make significant progress to reverse the impacts of global warming, but we can wait no longer. Take action today.

originally posted as guest post on AWOP by CyberCelt


Anders Holm said...

This is why we (all countries) must come together in Copenhagen this December and get a binding agreement on CO2-Emissions.

I'm not a "Earth"-freak but I do see this as nessisary to awoid that the Polar Bears is becomming the new buffalos.

I just hope that it's not to late allready...

Verona said...

If polar bears disappear, it will be another great mistake of the humanity. We do so much terraforming - what for? And what are we going to get as a result? A warm little apartment with IKEA furniture and a sophisticated laptop - or a planet Earth with depleted natural resources and disasters all around? The second variant seems to be more real.

morbidmind said...

great articles i agree with your opinion


Anthony said...

Further global warming has been predicted and will affect our ecosystem. To reduce the risk, many countries has implemented policies to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Oliver said...

Nothing can stop the global warming we can only lessen the effect if we are determine to act on this matter.

But I doubt if leading countries will truly make an effort to fight for global warming problem.

CyberCelt said...

@anders-you do not have to be an Earth-freak to see that we must do something soon.

@verona-even IKEA cannot protect us from global warming.

@morbidmind-thanks for stopping by.

@anthony-the actions may be too little too late.

@oliver-do not get discouraged. We must continue to advocate for the Earth.


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