Friday, July 17, 2009

Stop the Drills - Help Save Our Oceans

picture of Earth from space from National Geographic
Make waves . . .
the future of our oceans depends on YOU.

Big Oil is trying to sneak a giant giveaway through Congress. Just three years after it scored 8.3 million acres of the Gulf of Mexico in return for protecting the areas within 125 miles from the Florida coast, the oil companies are coming back for more, attempting to drill the remaining areas off of Florida's Gulf Coast.

Just click here to take action on the Oceana website

Protect our coastlines by telling your Senator "No More Offshore Drilling."


Luna said...

This is a great appeal to all people. I think that this protection should be discuss more in schools and on the Twitter.

answerstash said...

It is need of the time that all of us should work together to save our earth planet. Thanks for making people aware of it.

Michael said...

Great post.. thanks for the link

Thanks for the link. We need to quit spending money on drilling and spend more money on renewable energy.

CyberCelt said...

@luna-I agree. Please pass it on to friends with children.

@answerstash-That is the purpose of this blog. It is my way of coping with the ruination of the Earth all around me.

@michael-I wish we could serve the oil companies with a "cease and desist" order.


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