Monday, July 13, 2009

Save the Wolf Pups and Families

Take Action. Then, Hear the Wolf Howl.
Take action, then hear the wolf howl.

The slaughter of wolves begins again. This includes aerial hunting, poisoning of dens and the wholesale slaughter of pups. With federal protections lifted, wolf pups and their mothers traveling outside national parks are in the line of fire.

Over the past year, the wolf population in Yellowstone National Park declined by 27 percent, with more than 70 percent of wolf pups succumbing to disease. One pack alone lost all 24 of its pups!

Send a quick email to tell the Interior Secretary Salazar:

Put Wolves Back on the
Endangered Species List!

Then send information to your friends, so that they may also can take action.

Speak out now against the killing. Add your voice to The Big Howl, NRDC’s rapid-response mobilization campaign.
Add Your Voice to 'The Big Howl'


John | English Wilderness said...

I hate to hear about animals being hunted without just cause. In my opinion, it's only acceptable if the animal is abundant and being hunted to provide food.

There's no reason to hunt wolves, and if they're in decline it should be stopped. They've been hunted to extinction in the U.K. along with the Lynx. I'm hoping they'll reintroduce both.

A. said...

I had no idea this was done. In Scotland they're talking about re-introducing wolves to keep the ecosystem more balanced. Red deer have no natural predators and are over-grazing the young pine trees.

POWER NUBBY! - raising money for handicapped pets said...

This just sickens me. I am a 100% animal lover.. and although I am not completely against hunting (the REAL type of hunting) this just sickens me.. I mean, HOW can people look at these beautiful creatures and then go ahead and slit the mother Wolfs throat and leave the pups to starve to death.

And to think.. Mrs/ Palin was all about it.. I believe she had the left paw as a trophy from an aerial hunt

Chungyen Chang said...

Contrary to popular culture, wolves are not dangerous at all- they will run from humans that they see.

Emm said...

That is absolutely terrible. I hate hunting of any kind and this is the worst kind - state-sanctioned slaughter. How awful.

ken armstrong said...

It would be interesting to hear the other side of this story. Conservation is never easy.
I'm not saying your are wrong, I'm sure you are right but it's important to be fully informed on the reasons (if any) for a cull before one opposes it.

CyberCelt said...

@john-You are so right. I am sorry to hear about the fate of the wolves in the UK.

@A-I think that is what happened here. They were almost extinct, but they fit in the ecosystem as predator and were needed. They have struggled back from the brink, just to become targets.

@lindi-All in the name of fun and sport.

@chungyen chang-You are right. A mother might fight to protect her cubs, but mostly they are shadows you think you see.

@emm-Palin has her eyes on the White House. Can you imagine?

@ken-the wolves were taken out from the protection of the Endangered Species Act. Once this happened, the carnage began.

Mkcoy said...

It said "We're sorry - the page or function you tried to access could not be found on our web site."

Every animal has its own place in the food chain. It's only been because of man there has been an inbalance with certain animals.

I believe we rightly have dominion over the animals of the earth and that we are within our right to cull some sometimes.

But not to the point of exstinction. That's just mindless stupidty. Unfortunately it's also because of greed as the hunters who do hunt and cull animals ofter are rewarded for the kill.

CyberCelt said...

@mkcoy-We were made stewards of the Earth and its inhabitants. I would say we should appoint a guardian of the Earth because Man has not fulfilled his contract.

bwdog said...

Here are the facts about the wolf killing everything off. This came from RMEF to Defenders of wildlife.

The numbers and facts do not lie and they are as follows:

• The Northern Yellowstone herd, trend count has dropped from nearly 19,000 elk in 1995 before
the introduction of the Canadian gray wolf to just over 6,000 elk in 2008. At the same time wolf
numbers in this same area are on a steady increase. Nowhere can I find where a 60% reduction of
this herd was a goal of the wolf introduction.
(Source: 2009 Wolf-Ungulate Study Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks)
• The Moose population in Yellowstone National Park trend count shows a decrease to almost zero.
(Source: 2009 Wolf-Ungulate Study Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks)

• The Gallatin Canyon elk herd trend count between Bozeman and Big Sky has dropped from
around 1,048 to 338 in 2008.
(Source: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks)

• The Madison Firehole elk herd trend count has dropped from 700 to 108 in 2008.
(Source: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks)



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