Thursday, July 02, 2009

43 Years Ago . . .

The crisis of our diminishing water resources is just as severe (if less obviously immediate) as any wartime crisis we have ever faced.

Our survival is just as much at stake as it was at the time of Pearl Harbor, or the Argonne, or Gettysburg, or Saratoga.
Jim Wright, U.S. Representative, The Coming Water Famine, 1966


Eli said...

Your site is one of the most remarkable I've come across among the many blogs I've visited. You have good quality content posts, and your niche-endangered species, loving the earth and conservation--is one of the few blogs that talk sense in the blogosphere already awashed with crap blogs and nonsense. I always left your blog learning a thing or two about positive steps I can do on my own to contribute in preservation.

Climatarians said...

That’s quite a serious statement. And a very frightening one too. We seem to be taking things for granted. Until we see real numbers, I guess we would stay complacent. When we have more empirical data, it might make us sit up and take notice. We in need to educate ourselves to act responsibly.

Let’s start now!
Joost Hoogstrate

Juancho said...

in my country there is a law in the congress to help preserve rivers, lakes and all fountain of water. all of us have high hopes that it is gonna be approved.

CyberCelt said...

@eli-Thanks for stopping by and leaving you thoughtful comment.

@climatarians-I agree 100 percent. Appreciate you stopping by.

@juancho-At least it is being discussed. That is a good start. We had a president that would not think about it for 8 years. We have some catching up to do in the US.

Lbug said...

And how have things changed in the years since that statement?

I only ask because a lot of the time people making pronouncements like this don't truly understand what they're saying (I don't either though)

rsscctv said...

I totally agree with Eli. This blog is the most remarkable among all the blog I have seen. Thank you so much for this kind of blog sharing with us.

talia said...

I find it absolutely horrifying that people need to be faced with staggering numbers of dead and mutilated animals before they care enough to talk about it. I also think it is amazing that you take the time to make a difference and show people the reality that so many endangered species are fighting each and every day of their existence.


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