Monday, June 29, 2009

Extinction is Forever : Canada Lynx

Canadia Lynx: Species Overview


stormcharity said...

global warming has many negative impact to all life creature in this earth..!! so.. stop global warming and take a role in order to safe extinct animal and plant..

Bajki dla Dzieci said...

Is there anything we can do about this other than raising public awareness ? Physically, is there a way to help them ? I don't know, relocate to a similar climate that hasn't been hit that hard ?

Beth said...

What a beautiful animal. It is a shame.

Myra said...

The problem now is that animals become extinct, but the problem tomorrow is that humankind may go extinct! with food problems, water problems, and land problems because of the high sea level we can't survive! we should protect the environments and protecting it we protect ourselves.

Sarah Lewis said...

We all know that and aware about the climate change we are experiencing now. Global Warming is worsening. And its causes bad effect to the environment and the endangered species and e must take actions on this.

shashank said...

nice blog it just unique awareness to all of us.

CyberCelt said...

@stormcharity-I hope it is not too late to reduce global warming.

@bajki-I suppose some may be put in zoos or preserves. That is no answer, though.

@beth-Thanks for stopping by.

@myra-we are not very good stewards of the Earth and its inhabitants. Everything is related, so we are harming ourselves.

@sarah-Very true. We are killing ourselves.

@shasank-Thank you.

Lbug said...

I really don't understand how our "informed", "enlightened", "aware" and "sensitized" societies can still allow this to happen. It's not the 18th century any more.

Keith Allen Lehman said...

"The loss of their habitat is due to improper forest management along with the impact of some winter recreational activities play. The creation of exposed areas by the cutting and clearing of trees done by forest management have left the lynx reluctant to cross these areas let alone inhabit them. Another threat is roads and trails that fragment their habitat and isolate their population. Contributing also to their mortality is hunting, trapping and motor vehicles."
Global warming is nonsense and a global political tool; derived by junk scientists.
By all means save the Canadian Lynx, but don't use the nonsense of global warming.
Opinion and discussion should be a right; however, opinion should not be constituted by non-factual, hypothetical, misinformation.


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