Saturday, February 21, 2009

Reducing Your Gasoline Budget

It does not look like gas prices are going down again, even though the price of a barrel of oil has dropped. I do not know why, but I would think it has to do with the oil and gas companies' bottom line. There are things you may do to save money on your gasoline budget.

Things you can do to help your gasoline budget:
  • Go shopping and run chores on one day of the week, planning your route in advance.
  • Buy local. Support your farmers' market. You will be eating fresher and helping decrease the amount of energy it takes to grow and transport your food.
  • Carpool. Bring a book to the game practice and stay there while your child practices. Or take a walk to the library.
  • Use public transportation. Ride a bike. Use a scooter instead of a car.
  • Visit to find the cheapest gas in your area. If you can save five cents on a gallon of gas and you have a 25-gallon tank, you have saved $1.25. If you save this amount weekly, you will save $65 a year. If you drive a gas-guzzler, you just paid for a getaway weekend!
  • Use Discover and other credit cards that reward you with rebates on your purchases.
  • At Sam's Clubs, the gas is usually 3-5 cents cheaper than anywhere else in town.
  • Get off the highway to buy gas. I saved sixteen cents a gallon last year by waiting and buying gas in a small town.
  • Drive smart. Acceleration eats gasoline. Turn off your car at the bank drive through, railroad crossings and long traffic lights. Do not sit anywhere with your car idling unless you have small children in the car.
  • Take all excess weight out of your car and trunk.
  • Wind resistance can increase fuel costs. If you are driving down the highway, use your air-conditioner and keep your windows shut. However, in stop and go traffic, cut the A/C off and open your windows.
  • Keep your car in tune, the tires inflated, and the oil clean. Change filters (oil, gas, air) when suggested by your mechanic or owner's manual.


Chris said...

I have given up driving a car a few years ago and have started to use public transportation as much as possible. At least here in Germany that is a good alternative, since taking a train is quite affordable. The extensive individual use of cars can not go on for much longer, so carpooling is a really good idea as well...

lisa winter said...

i think these are great suggestions. may i add a couple, consider walking or riding bike to places that are close and consider public transportation when you can.

CyberCelt said...

@chris-we have no public transportation in the rural area in which I live. I am going to walk to the bus stop as soon as I am well.

@lisa-walking and bike riding are very good ideas. Around where I live, it will get you killed.

CyberCelt said...

@megan-I hat is off to you. People power. I will be writing an arcile about it very soon. Check back.


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