Thursday, February 19, 2009

Green, green, it's green they say . . .

. . . the Economic Stimulus Plan

$80 billion for clean energy, public transportation and green infrastructure, the largest such investment in our nation's history.

1.6 million new green jobs, including 135,000 green jobs created by a $4.5 billion investment in greening federal buildings.

A reduction of 68 million tons of our carbon footprint as a nation, which is equivalent to a city the size of Chicago, IL going completely carbon-free.

Cut from the bill was a $50 billion loan guarantee for the coal and nuclear industries.

Tip of the Hat: Luke Metzer of Environment Texas


Linda said...

reducing the carbon footprint is great! Getting funding is even better. History is being made as we write!

Rose Martin said...

The Emergency Stimulus Bill has some benefits because it can provide a lot of jobs to those who have lost theirs due to recession. But I hope that they would have planned this more. It seems they are allocating so much money on things such as $10.5 Billion for the Department of Defense modernization and construction of facilities. At such difficult times, money should be spent on things far more important than that.

CyberCelt said...

@linda-It is a start and will put people to work almost immediately on projects that matter. Appreciate the comment.

@rose-making federal buildings more energy efficient is a good idea and construction keeps lots of people working. Thanks for stopping by.

Chris said...

Wow - they really cut the guarantees for the coal and nuclear industry? Whatever happened to the usually massive lobby influence?


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