Saturday, January 10, 2009

In a perfect world . . .

Does anyone remember Ross Perot, the presidential candidate from Texas in 1992 and 1996? He was the only candidate that came to debates prepared with charts and graphs. He knew where the resources in the USA were and the costs associated with using said resources. I think most Americans thought he was nuts, but if he were running the government today, we would know exactly what the war in Iraq costs and we would know where to find the billions of dollars in aid for Iraq that disappeared.

Since then, I have been a proponent of automating any process or portion of process in a business that can be automated. Atlantic Global is a worldwide company that offers many solutions to businesses. Probably one of the most fundamental functions in any business is time tracking software. In the past, you would have a person in charge of collecting timesheets, reviewing them for errors, getting the signature of the boss and, finally, forwarding them to payroll. To automate this process, Atlantic Global's Time Tracking Software allows employees to enter time on the computer and forward it for approval.

Atlantic Global's Time Tracking Software monitors timesheets, invoices and expenses for employees. This allows you to charge your billable hours to the correct project and allows you to catch invoicing errors that might prove embarrassing later.

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Emma said...

Thanks for sharing this application. We had been using Replicon's time tracking software which is just too good. It is hassle free and completely easy to use.


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