Saturday, January 10, 2009

Have you ever seen a Manatee?

These gentle mammals are thought to be the
origin of the tales of mermaids and mermen.

Manatees can be found in shallow, slow-moving rivers, estuaries, saltwater bays, canals and coastal areas. Manatees are a migratory species. West Indian manatees are concentrated in Florida in the winter. Summer sightings in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina are common.

The manatee's federally protected habitat designation is now 32 years old. This protection has failed to stop the carnage that happens when manatee meets power boat. Last year, 90 manatees died in Florida waters after impact with water craft.

The total count of manatee deaths was 337, marking the seventh time in the past 10 years that more than 300 manatees died in state waters. Scientists also documented a record high of 101 perinatal deaths (unborn manatees and dependent babies less than five feet in length).

Something must be done or you may never see another manatee. I am going to swim with the manatees in Florida on the Crystal River. I just decided that would be one of my first trips as it is definitely on my "bucket list."

Save the Manatees and Swim with the Manatees.


Weight Watchers recipes said...

Sorry to see this happen....I really love animals but until someone else gets involved I don't think there is much of a chance something can really be done.

Thank you for the post

Anonymous said...

I swam with Manatees in Florida, quite a humbling experience.

CyberCelt said...

@wwr-There are actually people doing things right now. Thanks for your visit.

@anon-I really want to do that.

Owain said...


They are beautiful and strange. I have never seen one but I will hopefully get to when I finally make it over to the US some time next year.


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