Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bush's Lingering Legacy

Here are just a few of the last minute actions of the current administration that have opened the doors wider to environmental disaster.
  • An attack on the Endangered Species Act - cut U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service scientists out of the review process for determining if new development projects pose a threat to endangered animals. Read related posts on Endangered Spaces.

  • A fire sale of the West's most precious remaining open spaces - put oil rigs within view of some of Utah's best known national parks and monuments. See related post on Endangered Spaces.

  • A parting gift to the coal industry - repeal of a 1983 law that prohibits coal mining activities within 100 feet of flowing streams, making it even easier for mountaintop removal mining to continue. View related posts on Endangered Spaces.
These are just a few of the alarming eleventh hour moves against the environment by the Bush Administration. Please, sign the petition and urge President-elect Obama to rescind Bush’s anti-environmental rulings and help make sure these rulings are never implemented.

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