Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Greening of December

Beyond Global warming

Polar Bear ((c) Ralph Lee Hopkins, National Geographic Society)Polar bears are feeling it. So is the small, rabbit-like pika. It’s global warming -- the biggest conservation challenge of our time. But for the last eight years, the Bush Administration has virtually ignored the problem as Arctic sea ice dwindles and temperatures rise.

With a new administration comes a new opportunity to tackle the impacts that global warming is having on our wildlife and wild places. Defenders’ new report Beyond Global Warming offers concrete recommendations for swift action to ensure our wildlife and wild places continue to survive in a warming world.

Learn more about Defenders' latest report Beyond Global Warming.

Green Action of the Month

Deadly Season Begins

Another brutal season of aerial killing has begun in Alaska. At least 19 wolves have been slaughtered through the terrible program championed by Governor Sarah Palin -- and this season could be the bloodiest yet.

Watch video on aerial wolf killing and urge Governor Sarah Palin to end Alaska’s deadly slaughter from the skies.

Take Action

Wolf Mom & Pup PlushHere’s another way to help -- and give a truly meaningful gift at the same time. Adopt a wolf this Holiday Season and that special loved one will receive a cuddly plush wolf toy, a personalized Certificate of Adoption, a color 5” x 7” wolf photograph and a fact sheet full of fascinating information about these amazing animals.

There are 24 different animals up for for adoption

Click picture above to view the 24 animals up for adoption.

Perfect gift for holidays, birthdays or other special occasion. Help educate children through animal fact sheets and wildlife activities book (included). Download a personalized Certificate of Adoption. Plush toys come with FREE first-class shipping in time for Christmas available through 12/16.


Lady63 said...

Hi! Thank you for this very informative post. Not only us humans but specially the animals are now experiencing the effect of global warning. What is more horrible is that, these creatures does not deserve this kind of punishment from us. Like us, they need care and attention too. And they also need their natural habitat back.

CyberCelt said...

@lady-Take action to help them.

Paggy said...

Good quality record. Disgrace we can not at all tie politicians down to signing what they aim doing when in office before we vote for them. On the optimistic side Obama appears to be the type that power even stick to some of what he promised.
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