Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Goodbye Curious George

Governor Bush, and that is all I will ever call him because it is the only office to which he was ever truly elected . . . (George Carlin).

Most lame duck presidents use their last days in office to return favors, to pardon felons, and to prepare for their future in the real world. This is just human nature, I guess. While George W. Bush prepares for his life in the public sector, the American people prepare for their lives in a changed world with a devastated environment, failing economy, and a sense that they have been "had."

GoodbyeCuriousGeorge is the name for a website of the George Bush Sendoff Society. It is for all the . . .
  • environmentalists who have wept about the wolves, the polar bears, the whales and the buffalo.
  • scientists who have bristled at being censured when issuing findings of their research.
  • teachers who have seen the legacy of "No Child Left Behind."
  • anyone who ever wanted to impeach george bush.
The website features a film that is a parody of Bush's last days in office. It is better to laugh than cry, so give it a visit and see what you think. It is vintage Bush, with the fabricated words that made us all cringe. At the end, Bush rides off, wondering what he can do in his spare time: take over a country, get a job with one of his oil buddies or work with a defense contractor, because "oil won't last, but war will always be in fashion."

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