Wednesday, October 29, 2008

High Performance, Low Cost, Solar Power

Press Release
SkyFuel unveils the SkyTrough™: the world’s highest performance, lowest cost
utility-scale solar power system.

Arvada, Colorado October 10th, 2008: – SkyFuel, Inc. today secured its position as the leader in the rapidly growing concentrating solar power (CSP) industry by unveiling the SkyTrough™: the highest performance, lowest cost utility-scale solar power system of any kind for generating electricity. With glass-free mirrors, a highly engineered space frame that allows compact transportation and rapid field assembly, and new more efficient drive & control systems, the SkyTrough™ cuts the cost of the parabolic trough concentrator by 35% compared to other commercially available systems. Read more . . .

For a good description of Parabolic Trough Solar Field Technology visit the NREL website and read this article.

Solar energy is growing as our demand or clean, sustainable energy increases.For up to date information on Consumer Energy Tax Incentives, checkout Department of Energy website.


Solar Power Systems said...

Home solar panels aid in the solar power energy that can reduce or evne replace the use of other electricity options.

Matthew homes said...

I agree it helps reduce the cost of electricity. Adding it to the home is useful. I hope that homeowners will make use of this technology.

solar power system said...

A well-sized solar panel system could provide up to 60% of your annual hot water requirements.


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