Saturday, October 25, 2008

Burton Snowboards and Buy Snow

I know nothing about snowboarding except what I have learned from my son. He attended a snowboarding camp on Mount Hood one Christmas and has snowboarded a few times since then. He is talking of perhaps going snowboarding during the Christmas holiday, so this website,, caught my eye.

Then the Burton snowboards caught my interest. They are offering a free ski lift ticket and a free learn how to ride lesson with the purchase of a 2009 Burton Snowboard under $359.95. Usually, you have to buy the more expensive items to get the bonuses, but not here. While looking at the Burton snowboards, I noticed that quite a few were in the right price range to get the bonuses. I also noticed they have free shipping over $99!

Burton offers 209 snowboards, as well as jackets, boots, outerwear, hoodies, hats, backpacks and stomp pads. Stomp pad was a new term for me. Evidently, a stomp pad keeps your rear foot from slipping off the snowboard. However, from the looks of some of the stomp pads, they are another form of board bling.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a hard to please teen, you may want to visit and take a look at the Burton section. If you cannot find something to please your teen, buy yourself something.


bloggersmosaic said...

i always have that dream to buy one but i guess i will never gonna do it

Heal said...

Thank god for free shipping! The other boards I've bought along with shipping makes them so expensive but this will make up for that.

Maya Kostadinova said...

This one really sounds good. With the given items, the payment is worth. Moreover, free shipping makes the buying process more simple. I hope this can certainly be the best Christmas gift for a youngster.

Snowboarder said...

Good news, Thanks.
Hope that Burton store deliver equip to Russia


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