Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Travel Wisely / Be Prepared /Travel Insurance

When I was younger, my husband and I traveled throughout the Caribbean to Jamaica and Mexico, on both coasts. These trips were so special that I will never forget them. Imagine Turquoise-colored water with white sandy bottoms and some of the most colorful fishes and coral formations. When we arrived in Cancun, we took the ferry over to Isla Mjueres (Isle of Women) and stayed for one night.

This was back before we needed passports, so we thought were ready to go. Right? Wrong! We had forgotten to buy travel insurance. Within 24 hours of feet down on Cancun, I was desperately ill and in a Mexican hospital, without any insurance. All my costs had to be paid by a credit card.

The next time you travel out of the country, make sure you have travel insurance, all your medications, and all the immunizations you need for the part of the world to which you are traveling. Travel smart.

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Hardgainer said...

Good tips. Me and my gf just went to Hawaii. The thing with travel insurance is that sometimes it only covers emergency room visits and not regular doctors visits. Make sure you know how much coverage you are getting.

CyberCelt said...

@hardgainer-we live and learn. What does not kills us, makes us stronger, right?


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