Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Idea, Good for the Earth

When a store, service provider or merchant steps up for the environment, we should support these businesses. In the case of iChapters, it is easy. Join their Facebook Page and they will plant a tree for you. That's it!

iChapters Plant a Tree Drive

iChapters is proud to announce their second Plant a Tree drive. The first successful Plant a Tree drive back in January resulted in more than 57,000 trees being planted. This time, iChapters hopes to plant more than 100,000 trees. I took the environmental quiz and planted 11 trees.

How Does iChapters Work? provides the best deals for textbooks and study tools in a variety of formats that both help your wallet and the environment.
  • eBooks at 50%
  • Single chapters as low as $1.99
  • Wide variety of study tools
  • Audiobooks
  • Print books at 15% off list
Offset your carbon footprint by buying at iChapters today. Tell a friend and you'll save an additional 10%.

Three ways to help plant trees and reduce CO2 emissions:
  1. Become a fan of our Facebook Page (All fans are entered to win $1,000 scholarship).
  2. Take our Environmental Quiz.
  3. Buy digital textbooks from
Visit iChapters Plant a Tree Page


Catrin Florida said...

That is excellent idea to help plant trees and i will follow it by joining the facebook page. Cheers up for people who involve their time into this type of projects.

Jim Becker said...

Great Article.Thanks for sharing. Keep posting like this wonderful post.

Tech blog said...

I feel you're need to help people with such broad thought of helping the environment.... :)

Crafty Gurl said...

I think it's amazing that an invention such as the internet can be used to help mother earth. I guess not all technology is bad after all!

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Jason said...

This is great! Makes sense to offset the number of trees being cut down for "conventional" book printing. I like it!

inspirational blog said...

Great finding. Joining a facebook group is not a lot to ask. I do not know how they will manage to plant a tree per every member. But this would be a great thing for our mother earth.

I am off to join their page. And will blog about this to make more awareness. Thank you.


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