Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where Telephones Go to Die

Look at the heads and the feet


Stefanie said...

That is neat... and yet creepy!

Michael said...

rofl, that as above poster said look really creapy in a cool way! :P

Bird said...

These are fantastic - really well made and as others have already said, creepy as hell!

Self Defense Girl said...

Interesting, it's both cute and disturbing.

Rainbow Painter said...

Eww!! It looks weird. Great creativity though.

Kids Bible Crafts said...

I think it is very cool and a very interesting!

anajz said...

Ewe? How creative!! Was this in a museum?
I love your comments under "leave a comment". My blog has been inundated with spam comments lately and it seems as soon as I delete them, 10 more appear.

yanuar said...

LOL what an interesting picture!!
Its more like a sheep o.0

CyberCelt said...

@stefanie-Creepy, eh?

@michael- I will have to remember this one for Halloween.

bird-I think y'all are easily scared.

@girl-Maybe the makings of a new horror story?

@rainbow-I wish I had the artist's name for everyone to know.

@kids-Thanks for stopping by.

@anajz-It was one of those pictures found on the Internet with no information. Oh, don't get me started on the comments better known as lazy man's SEO. LOL


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