Thursday, August 14, 2008

Do We Need an Endangered Species Act?!?

According to the National Wildlife Federation, the Bush Administration is planning to rollback protections for America's imperiled wildlife by rewriting the regulations of the Endangered Species Act.

If adopted, these changes would seriously weaken the safety net of habitat protections that we have relied upon to protect and recover endangered fish, wildlife and plants for the past 35 years.

According to NWF's John Kostyack, Executive Director of Wildlife Conservation and Global Warming:
Do not be fooled when the Administration claims it is merely tweaking the law. The cumulative impact of these changes equals a full blown attack on America's premier conservation law. We owe it to future generations to stop this attack and continue our legacy of protecting wildlife on the brink of extinction.


Rich Dansereau said...

Of course we need keep the Endangered Species Act! Any attempt to weaken it for perceived political or economic gains is shortsighted! We don't need an immediate gratification, temporary fix government nor policies!

yanuar said...

yes we must protect those animals so in the future we can tell to our children and let them see about different kind of animal living

CyberCelt said...

@rich-I am glad you feel this way. Speak out and make your feelings known.

@yanuar-Thanks for visiting. Let others know about it.


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