Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Green Tip for Today


Do you drive around with extra stuff in your car or trunk? Unload it and save gas. I have a bad habit of buying items like potting soil, cat and dog food and cat litter and leaving them in my trunk until I need them. Every extra pound of weight cuts your gas mileage.

Think about it for a minute. Here are just a few things I used to carry around on a daily basis at different times in my life.
  • sand toys, molds and cups
  • swimsuits, towels, river shoes and floats
  • roller blades, skate boards and helmets
  • cans of oil or transmission fluid
  • soccer shoes, pads and uniform
I know people made fun of Obama and his "inflate your tires" advice, but it was good advice. So is unloading your car.

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