Monday, August 25, 2008

Compost Happens

The average American throws away more than 4 pounds of trash every day. Almost one-half of this trash is organic and could be composted.

For food waste, use a dishwasher-safe ceramic composting crock pot or other small vessel to collect scraps right on your kitchen counter. Toss in just about everything that isn't dairy, meat, fish, or oils and fats.

All you need to start your compost system are:

GREENS, which are nitrogen-rich
  • fresh grass
  • plant clippings
  • fruit and vegetable parts
  • coffee grounds (with or without filter)
  • tea bags
  • wool
  • human hair
BROWNS, which are carbon-rich
  • dead leaves
  • brown grass clippings
  • wood
  • sticks
  • shredded newspaper
  • dead plants and flowers
  • rice
  • pine needles
Collect GREENS and BROWNS in containers on your deck, balcony or other outdoor spot. You can buy small composting bins online or make your own bin.

We have huge piles of compost in different stages in our yard. I had to start a separate pile for Johnson Grass because I will need to burn it when it is reduced. Either that or send it to landfill, which I refuse to do. Never compost weeds or diseased plants unless you want to grow more. I learned this the hard way. LOL

With compositing and recycling, I have less than one container of garbage each week. My plan is to totally do away with garbage collection for my household. Zero-waste. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, compost happens. But we can help it happen faster if we try. I recently moved to a rural area and have to take my trash to the dump myself now. After the first trip I quickly realized just how much TRASH I produce, and found ways to compost most of it with vermiculture and composting piles. I learned a lot from Gaiam's online composting guide too. Your post has most of the info folks will need, but there are a few extra tips over there:


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