Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Texas Could Lead Nation in Solar Power Production

Please click the banner above to go to Environment Texas and sign a petition to Governor Perry urging him to create incentives to make it easier for homes and businesses to install solar panels; set goals for utilities to generate more electricity from solar; and work to build transmission lines to the sunny parts of Texas.

Green industry is clean industry and could have a huge economic impact on Texas. Replace lost technology and manufacturing jobs with the power of the sun.


Beth said...

Too bad more people don't take advantage of solar power. Hopefully Governor Perry gets on board with pushing solar power.

Patrick Everett said...

Considering the amount of sunlight Texas gets no matter what the season, it's about time they tap into solar energy as an alternative resource. And with the amount of tax dollars they get from oil, subsidizing the cost of the equipment needed to make solar energy a viable energy resource for households is a good way to start.

CyberCelt said...

@beth-activists are after Gov. Perry to rebuild the Gov. mansion (burned down) using green technology. We will see.

@patrick-there were incentives for developing alternative energies. They expired last year.

Sunny said...

We will need a fundamental change in the policy of government at all levels to see alternative energy being taken seriously. Unfortunately given the price of energy in Texas and other southern states there is very little incentive for home owners to use solar power. Will Obama make a difference? I have yet to be convinced.


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