Monday, June 09, 2008

All Electric Uno Takes Top Award

Uno Photograph from Pop-Sci Website

Top 2008 Pop-Sci Invention Award

A 19-year old Canadian man named Ben Gulak developed the Uno. The two wheels are side by side directly under the rider, which gives the Uno stability. To accelerate, the rider leans forward (like a Segway). When cornering, the wheels move independently to keep the rubber on the road.

Robotics meets the blacktop with a gyroscope and balance integrated suspension system that keeps the rider over the wheels and the Uno on the road. Powered by two wheelchair batteries, the Uno should be able to reach 40 MPH.

This is a prototype. However, with some resources, this could be in production within 2 years.


Beth said...

Wow, I'm impressed that a 19-year-old developed this! It's much "cooler" looking than a Segway.

Sharaz said...

This is definatly much better than the segway but i dont beleive that it will become a success on a commercail level

Hepsi 1 said...

woow what a motor!!


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