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Vigil for Our War Dead : Hope for the Living

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Five Years of War -- It's Time for New Priorities

March 19 is the 5th anniversary of the tragic invasion and occupation of Iraq. Nearly 4,000 American soldiers -- and many more Iraqis -- have lost their lives due to Bush's Iraq debacle. Billions of dollars have been, and continue to be, squandered on this occupation. Our economy is suffering because of it, but the resources we need to turn it around are funding more bloodshed in Iraq.

So this year, CREDO Action and our partners at are marking the anniversary by sponsoring hundreds of "New Priorities" vigils across the country. We'll honor the fallen, and call for an end to the war. But we'll also send a new message to the politicians in Washington: to heal our ailing economy, we need to end the occupation in Iraq.

Click here to sign up to attend a March 19 "New Priorities" vigil on the 5th anniversary of the war.

These vigils will be very powerful; they will put a face on opposition to the war and remind local communities of the terrible cost of the occupation of Iraq. If we can make our voices heard throughout the country, we'll force our leaders to start bringing our troops home and start investing resources here instead.

Click here to find a March 19 "New Priorities" vigil near you.

You do not have to join a movement. Light a candle and hit the streets. You will be amazed at al your neighbors. We all want the same thing: . . .

An End to the Endless War

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