Monday, March 17, 2008

Endangered Spaces : My Sanity

Last Thursday morning at about 4 am, I awoke to a recording made by the Sheriff's Department, letting me know my son had been busted for possession of marijuana (POM) and I could make bond the next day. Not only had they arrested him, but they had a warrant and had busted through his apartment door to get in.

I am a basket case. He is 18 years old and already has one POM pending. Now he has another POM and, due to the quantity seized, I believe they could make a case for sales. He could lose everything: computer, car, trust fund, etc.if the police want to push it.

I worked my whole life and paid for my son's college tuition and fees in advance. I worked very hard to get what was due to him from his father's and grandmother's estates and to invest it so that he could go to any college and become anything he wanted.

All so that he could fritter it away on traffic tickets, insurance premiums, multiple wrecks, cars, lawyers and tickets. Oh, and did I mention drugs? I have been sitting here reading the Criminal Defense Attorneys Los Angeles | California Criminal DUI Lawyers blog, hoping to find something to hang on to.

These are supposed to be the Golden Years of my life; it feels more like Torn Tin Years to me. Y'all say a little prayer for me, one for my dog and a big one for my son. He is not a bad kid, just stupid.


Offgrid said...

Wow Daniel Island Park looks beautiful. I just visited Charleston this past week with my wife and kids. We are both Architects who worked in Georgetown/Washington DC. Would love to live down in the Carleston area some day.

Cynthia Blue said...

Kids can tend to be stupid. I'm sorry you are going through this. And he probably doesn't understand the effect it has on you.

James C said...

Very sorry to read that. We've been dealing with POM's with a relative as well, and support groups for us, not him, helped.

CastoCreations said...

Sorry to hear about your son's issues. That really sucks. You can only do so much for your kids and then have to let them live their lives and make their own mistakes. Doing so much for them sometimes backfires, IMHO. My mom did very little to help me but did (and does) a lot for my brother. I'm definitely the better off sibling.

Good Luck!

P.S. What's a POM?

CyberCelt said...

@offgrid-I guess this comment was for the post above. It is appreciated any way. Please take action to protect the region from oil and gas.

@cynthia-He does not understand. I do not know what is worse, knowing everything that happens or being blissfully unknowing until he crashes.

@james-Thanks for the tip. I did not think about support groups for families.

@castrocreations-POM is defined in the post. Thanks for your wishes. Maybe I did too much for him. I had nothing growing up and wanted his life to be different. Oh, well...

Joshua McNiel said...

It sounds like a hard time, but everything will work itself out.


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