Friday, February 15, 2008

Take Action, Vote, Donate

Healthcare Wishes Could Come True

Today, a group of prominent scientists, organized by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), released a statement calling for the next president to put an end to political interference in science. UCS and the scientists are urging the next administration to guarantee basic scientific freedoms for government scientists. Add your name to the list of Science Debate 2008 supporters today by clicking here.

One-third of Colorado’s National Forests are roadless backcountry, beloved wilderness that provides vital habitat for fish and wildlife, and watersheds that supply clean drinking water. It is important that you voice your support for their protection to the U.S. Forest Service and, if you live in Colorado, to Gov. Bill Ritter. Click here to take action.


In Texas, you can vote early, starting February 19. Early voting sites vary by county, so check with your local election officials to find out where you can vote early. V O T E !

There are fewer than 100 wild ocelots left in the United States – and these 30-pound wild cats, small cousins of the leopard, are making a last stand. They live on S. Padre Island and in Mexico. Your gift today can help rescue the ocelot – and your donation can help release a $25,000 challenge grant offered by Earth Friends Wildlife Foundation. Donate now.


Quality Tale said...

Dear Mr. Obama Sir,

Please save the nation by protecting the forest and greenery of the world...all US and world's community looking at you as a "SAVER" identity not "DESTROYER" like Mr. bush??



Blogberry MOM said...

I might be too late to wish for your Healthcare Wishes on Valentines day, but still I making my wish. Anyway, Valentines should be everyday, isn't?

I wish everyone is wishing the best for all of us.


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